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Private Tutor for 11+ and Mathematics


Shezleen M.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the guidance and support that you have given Alisha. Having spoken to her, she feels that the sessions were extremely beneficial and now feels better equipped for the exams that follow. Thank you for sharing all the strategies and techniques that will enable her to complete her exams to the best of her ability. 

Revision Planning & Exam Techniques

Robert L.


Karim was able to understand my daughters specific learning needs and tailor a bespoke program to ensure that she reached her full potential.  His holistic approach also allowed Grace to gain valuable active learning skills which I am sure will assist her in her subsequent academic life.  I highly recommend Karim to any parent considering employing a tutor to assist their child in achieving their immediate goals whilst, at the same time, providing them with a template for future success.

Active Learning

Sonia N.


Karim is a driven, organised tutor who seems to develop inspiring relationships with his students and his talent  for teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics are truly superior.  He accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude. I would highly recommend Karim without reservation.

11 Plus

Neeraj S.


Karim is an excellent tutor and really helped my daughter for 11 plus exams. He covered maths, verbal reasoning and techniques for common entrance examinations. 

His methods are unique and provide an all round approach rather than the standard tutoring techniques. His exam skills technique course was very useful for my daughter. She is presently at North London Collegiate school. My daughter liked his calm and patient approach to teaching and he was always available for feedback.

11 Plus

Fida S.


I have to say that Simon really enjoyed and benefited from the lesson, he practised when we got back home and finished with ease and accuracy, I thank you for assessment of Simon and the way you explained your approach to make pupils not only understand but to enjoy the subject and hopefully they will be able to move to the next level.

Thank you.

Singapore Maths

Alpa T.


I would like to recommend Karim @ ASKE Tuition in Pinner. I took my 8 year old for an assessment yesterday on route he moaned constantly about going. However once there the session was interactive and Karim took his time in understanding how my son would learn best!

On our way home my son was so enthusiastic about the way Karim had taught him that he wanted me to turn around and go back for another session.


Karim and his wife are very warm people and for me it was important to find a tutor that ‘clicked’ with my son.


Highly recommend!

Active Learning

Aydin A.


Karim is an inspiring and well organized tutor who focuses on target. His attention to detail is exceptional. He knows very well how to bond with student. I am very happy to find him.


11 Plus

Shams M.


We got the news today and we're all really thrilled! Wanted to say a massive thanks for all your help to get him over this line and offered at Whitgift. We'd like to take you out for a "proper celebration" in March so let us know some free dates.

11 Plus

Zaiim P. (Queen Elizabeth's School student)

Dear Karim, thank you so much for mentoring me.  Your approach completely changed my mindset on how to approach the GCSE's and I really appreciate the effort you put into running the sessions at such short notice.

11 Plus and Revision Planning & Exam Techniques

Zahida P.

Dearest Karim, a heartfelt thank you.  We are immensely appreciative of the effort you and Ettu put into supporting Zaiim.  The support + guidance was "A1". May you be rewarded in multiples. Best Wishes. 

Revision Planning & Exam Techniques

Adam D. (Watford Grammar Boys student)

I think Karim was a very good tutor because he taught me very important exam techniques and methods. Karim also taught me quick and efficient methods for working out questions. Karim helped me out a lot in the 11+ and he was the main reason I did well in my exam.

11 Plus

Saima D.


Karim's open and calm approach quickly built rapport and confidence with my son who successfully completed his 11+ exams with him.  He is organised and has a genuine understanding of motivating and ensuring children reach their full potential.

11 Plus



Dear Karim, 
Thank you for your email. We all greatly appreciate the advice, guidance and practical tips you have given to Danial. We have all valued the regular updates provided; the motivational prompts have been a huge source of strength. 
Thank you for supporting Danial not only as a tutor but as a mentor. This course has been exactly what he needed ahead of preparations for Year 11 and GCSEs. 
Thank you again Karim. 
Warm regards, 

Revision Planning & Exam Techniques

Aydin A.


Dear Karim,


I hope you are keeping well. 


DS will have his last lesson with you before the Exam tomorow. We would like to say thank you very much for all your contribution to his progress. We started with you a year ago hoping we found a good tutor but soon we realized we found an exceptional tutor and a very good person. We very much appreciate your style which goes far beyond standards. I personally liked a lot the part that you are always sharing our ambition on our son just like a family or friend.


I had a little conversation with a lady from MTT today. She asked me about you. I tried my best to describe the above to her as much as my English allows me. I tried to emphasize on your punctuality, responsiveness, attention to details, coaching skills, success orientation, unique style and popularity as a tutor etc.... She did not give any detail but I felt they are interested on you. She said you had a very calm voice on the phone. :)


Many thanks and kind regards,


11 Plus

Nita R.


Hi Karim, 


II thought I would let you know how K. is getting on with Maths.

The penny has finally dropped that he has to work towards the exams and we have been doing past papers (he still hates doing Bond and S&S).

He got 90% in a past MT’s paper which was the highest in the year which they did end of Oct. They had a mock test last week and he got the fourth highest which was 73% and the highest was 78%. Most of the boys got in the 40-50%.

In the Habs papers he is scoring around 70-90% so now we need to work on finishing in an hour.

I would like to thank you for teaching him especially all the hard topics like algebra, ratios, percentages.


K. would like to say he really enjoyed your classes and found they have helped him to get to where is now as you helped build the foundation on the syllabus topics.


Regards and best wishes,


11 Plus

Lakshmi R.


Hi Karim

I would highly recommend following your method of teaching, especially, your exam techniques as I have seen a drastic improvement in my son's practice paper scores by following your techniques. For example, he sat a mock test about a month ago and only managed to score 60% due to not managing his time well during the exam. He recently sat a second mock exam, supposedly harder than the first one, and managed to score 92% just by following your exam techniques and thus managing his time better.


He attempted all the questions and the ones he did get wrong appear to be latent ones, which I know you are currently working on with a view to have none to minimal errors. 

I strongly recommend to other parents to follow these techniques so all parties including the child is on the same page for better results. Sometimes my son hesitates to follow them at home and it is just making him understand that this is a tried and tested method and working with him to follow them.


I feel like my son has gained so much knowledge and fantastic foundations taking them in to which ever school he goes to. Overall, I believe it has been a useful journey and the techniques you teach them will come in handy now and also in future.

Best Regards


11 Plus

Sanjay S.


Hi Karim

Hope you are well.


Just to give you an update, Mili received offers from the following schools:


Watford Grammar for Girls
Northwood College
St Helens
St Margarets (with Academic Scholarship)


We have accepted a place at St Helens.


Thanks for all your help with the 11+ process.




11 Plus

Suzanne P.


Dear Karim,

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that Ivy survived her exams this week! 


She woke up the day of the Hertfordshire exam and said that she didn't want to do the Bucks exam. I told her that was fine and I think it totally relaxed her for the Herts test.. which was good!  We followed all of your advice to the letter and she came out of the test feeling very confident.


I just wanted to add that regardless of her scores, we are so happy with the whole tutoring experience we had with you. You have a fabulous approach and it really worked well for Ivy. She went from feeling scared of maths to feeling super confident. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a tutor.

While she is going to coast a bit now, I'll get in touch again in the future when she needs help. (She is desperate to see the new classroom!)

All my best to you and your wife!

11 Plus



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Hatch End



Northwood Hills

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"At ASKE Tuition we are passionate about education and believe that when a child really understands the subject – that’s when they focus, absorb and most importantly really enjoy it"





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Parmiters, St. Clement Danes, Queens

Dr Challoner’s Grammar School

Merchant Taylors' Boys School

Dr Challoner’s High School

Watford Grammar School for Boys & Girls

Queen Elizabeth's School

St. Helens, Northwood College

St.Paul’s (Boys)

There are few second chances. The attention of a personal tutor enables your child to make the most of every valuable opportunity to learn and develop their academic skills throughout their critical formative years – a time in their lives that provides for very few second chances.
Personal tutoring can open up your child to an enthusiastic and engaging relationship with the subjects studied, promoting the kind of positive learning experience that builds confidence and motivation.


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